Tri-Cities single female v. single male home buyers; how many, what home value?

You have to hand it to the folks at Attom Data Solutions. They’re very creative and quick to use housing data in unique ways.

Today – Valentine’s Day – is a good example.

If you read much of the mass media reporting on housing you’ve come across stories about young, single women being a rising force in homeownership. It makes sense.

Woman outnumber men as college graduates, they’re slowly but surely chipping away at pay inequity and the glass ceiling. They also waiting longer to get married and starting a family. It stands to reason that educated, motivated women would adopt homeownership and start building equity. The rising tide for women makes it easy to understand why real estate professionals are interested in knowing more about them. When you look past current sales to existing ownership it’s estimated that women own one in five homes nationwide. But that’s another story.

Attom pulled a gender status analysis for a Valentine’s Day Infographic that’s interesting, and a drill down on the data expands some local interesting context about the status of gender home ownership.

Among the Tennessee metro areas in the study the average sales share of housing by single people is 0.8%, and although single women hold a slight edge, the share of total sales is split almost evenly among men and women.

Here in the Tri-Cities’ two metro areas, the study lists 297 single male homeowner sales and 258 single female owner sales. The stand-out difference in the comparison is women in the three-county Johnson City metro area have an $11,538 estimated home value edge on their male counterparts.

Here’s how the numbers break down, by metro area, ownership, and estimated single-family or condo value:


Single male owners – 147, estimated value of $134,635. They own – or are buying – 0.2% of the MSA’s total housing.

Single female owners – 124, estimated value of $146,173. Single female owners account for 0.1% of the metro area’s total housing.


Single male owners – 150, estimated value of $122,731.

Single female owners – 134, estimated value $118,822

Single men and women owners accounted for 0.1% each of the four-county metro area’s total housing.

Statewide single male and female homeowners in the Nashville-Davidson metro area had the highest estimated value at $246,270 for the 3,566 male owners and $243,411 for the 3,764 single female owners.

Clarksville had the highest share of total housing by single-person owners – 1.7%. Men owners had a 0.9% share while women had a 0.7% share.

The study is an interesting look at some data that typically doesn’t get much public exposure so here’s a tip of the hat to the folks at Attom for their Valentine Day’s info.