Demand for high-end homes in Tri-Cities increase during Q3

Demand for high-end housing increased during the third quarter and Washington County VA led the Tri-Cities area in the construction of those homes – but only by two permits. High-end homes are … [Read More...]

New home construction slows in Sullivan, Washington counties; smaller counties picking up the pace

The Tri-Cities new home industry posted modest growth during the third quarter marked by a slowdown major markets slowdown balanced by growth in smaller county markets. Permit pulls for new … [Read More...]


Tri-Cities job creation continues, but it’s slowing down; private sector wages continue making gains

Tri-Cities job creation increased for the 17th straight month in October. While that's welcome news, don't overlook the trend. October's growth rate continued a seven-month slowing, and the … [Read More...]


Kingport’s goal is to grow its population by 500 people a year

Kingsport has marshaled its efforts for a new growth goal. The Model City is turning up the heat under efforts to make it a destination city as a growth model. If the truth is known, Bristol and … [Read More...]

Out-of-state investors own 19,349 of the 131,563 Tri-Cities single-family rental properties

Tri-Cities apartment complexes are not the only rental properties attracting investors. Single-family rentals have long been a staple for local real estate investors, but the share of out-of-state … [Read More...]

Tri-Cities a solid equity-rich properties market, even with Sullivan’s issue

Remember the TV commercial with the mechanical bunny beating a drum to sell batteries? It just keeps marching while beating that drum, never tiring and apparently outlasting bunnies with lesser … [Read More...]

October foreclosures back off Q3 spike – over 800 repossessions headed for Tri-Cities housing market

Foreclosure activity reverted to a more normal pace in October following a Q3 shocker that saw dramatic repossession increases in several Tri-Cities area counties. But even the normal rate combined … [Read More...]

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Johnson City MSA retail GDP up 29.4% – Kingsport-Bristol up 5.7% since 2001

Every month locals can get an update on how the Tri-Cities retail economy is performing by sales tax collections. And every quarter, ETSU economist Steb Hipple’s retail sales analysis is available. They are good indicators. But there’s another way to look at retail trade and its role in the Tri-Cities’ economy. If you use real […]

Kingsport-Bristol, Johnson City MSA manufacturing real GDP better than it was in 2001 with a lot fewer employees

“When Eastman Chemical sneezes, the Tri-Cities gets a cold.” It’s been that way for a long time and the current community mindset hasn’t changed. And it wasn’t always just Eastman. Remember the Kingsport Press, Mead, North American Rayon, American Bembert, Raytheon and Exide to name a few? The Tri-Cities has a long history with manufacturing […]

Benchmarking the Great Restructuring

The term “The Great Recession” is burned deep into the lives of almost everyone. It was a huge event in everyone’s daily life. But what about The Great Restructuring? It’s having an effect that just as big – maybe bigger, but it generates less public attention. Check out some of these benchmarking data points that […]