How many Tri-Cities residents live where they work and how many commute to their job (revised version)

EDITOR'S NOTE - This is a revised version of the original story to include an update and correction … [Read More...]

Tri-Cities retail sales tax collections recovering from their funk

Retail sales tax collections in both the Tri-Cities two Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) … [Read More...]

Tri-Cities June labor market report shows gains, Kingsport-Bristol lags Johnson City MSA performance

June's Tri-Cities' jobs report is a study in contrast. Preliminary, non-adjusted numbers and … [Read More...]

Sullivan Co. leads Tri-Cities Q2 cash home sales with 67.3% share

Cash is still king in the Tri-Cities housing market. They were down in four NE Tenn. counties when … [Read More...]

Social Security is a big economic deal in the Tri-Cities – really big

News that Social Security recipients would get a 2.2% cost of living increase didn't get much public … [Read More...]

Kingsport-Bristol retail sales collections bounce back after two month slump

Kingsport-Bristol retail sales tax collections bounced back from two months of negative performance … [Read More...]

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All the talk about how retail jobs have sucked the life out of the local jobs economy is more myth that fact

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Sullivan Co. gets lions share of Tri-Cities’ federal health care benefits

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Johnson City leads region in growth of lower-income households

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Tri-Cities sees growth in high-income households; Johnson City scores the largest number of them

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