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Seasonal slump slows but doesn’t stop Tri-Cities jobs, wage increase trend

The Tri-Cities labor market made it through the bottom of the annual seasonal slump with 300 fewer jobs that it had in June and 2,400 more than July last year. Average private sector wages also … [Read More...]

NE Tenn equity rich households dip, seriously underwater share inching upward

The number of equity-rich homeowners in the Northeast Tennessee is shrinking while the number of owners who are seriously underwater properties is increasing. In both cases the changes are … [Read More...]

Almost half of home sales in 5 NE Tenn markets are all cash

Despite 100% home loans and low mortgage rates, cash remains king for Northeast Tennessee-Tri-Cities home resales. According to a recently released RealtyTrac analysis, almost half of Q2 sales in … [Read More...]

Tri-Cities commute patterns – does where people work and where they live invite a new tax?

The median commute time in the Tri-Cities is just under 30 minutes. But that's only the Census Bureau's numbers crunch and doesn't account for the wreck that has a lane closed on the interstate or … [Read More...]

Tri-Cities commercial real estate sees 2.3% permit growth in first half of 2016

Commercial real estate development – as measured by new permits – was up 2.3% across the Tri-Cities region mid-year. Permit value for the 360 permits issued since January is $178.7 million. That's a … [Read More...]


Kingsport-Bristol June home price index trends higher, Johnson City metro area index softens

CoreLogic's Home Price Index shows June prices increased in both Tri-Cities metro areas but the trend line has Kingsport-Bristol moving up and the Johnson City metro area arching lower. The June … [Read More...]

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Benchmarking the Great Restructuring

The term “The Great Recession” is burned deep into the lives of almost everyone. It was a huge event in everyone’s daily life. But what about The Great Restructuring? It’s having an effect that just as big – maybe bigger, but it generates less public attention. Check out some of these benchmarking data points that […]

Washington, Carter only counties in Tri-Cities showing growth in latest Census projection

Washington and Carter counties were the only two counties in the Tri-Cities area showing population growth in the Census Bureau projections released today. Washington County saw an increase of 440 people from July 1 last year while Carter County added 128. Hawkins and Johnson counties each saw a decrease of 87 people. Unicoi was down […]

Real GDP % ch

Tri-Cities metro area real GDP

Here’s a graphic snapshot of how the Tri-Cities’ metro area economies are performing as measured by real GDP compliments of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Q1 rents

Q1 3-bedroom home rents up in half of NE Tenn zip codes, down in other half

Here’s how the first quarter average rents on three-bedroom homes looked during Q1 this year compared to the first quarter in previous years. The were up in 10 zip codes, down in another 10 and flat in one. The full story on the rents, gross yields from those rents and more of the data deep […]

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Kingsport-Bristol sees most vigorous Tri-Cities high-income household growth during recovery

An earlier post that examined household income and benefits in the 2008-2014 recession recovery period illustrated how Kingsport-Bristol weathered the recession better than the Johnson City MSA.  A deeper dive into that data shows how the recovery is remodeling the two regions. It also illustrates the gap between some groups widened and how household wealth […]

KB#2 income

Full-time male, female Kingsport-Bristol workers post largest Tri-Cities recovery wage gains

Income comparisons for the cusp of the Great Recovery in the Tri-Cities show how much the Kingsport-Bristol and Johnson City MSAs were alike in all but a few Census data comparisons. The big difference was the growth of median earnings for male and female full-time workers and the gap between the median wages of full-time […]

k-B income

Kingsport-Bristol all households – family incomes weather recession better than Johnson City MSA

These charts were developed from total income and benefits portions of the DP03 data sets (Selected Economic Characteristics) in the 1-year American Community Survey from 2008 and 2014 to gauge Great Recession driven changes in the Tri-Cities. The 2008-2014 change charting shows that the four-county Kingsport-Bristol has weathered the recession better than the three-county Johnson […]


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