Johnson City and Kingsport-Bristol MSA all-cash single-family home, condo sales at 6-year high

All-cash sales were at six-year highs last year in both the Johnson City and Kingsport-Bristol Metropolitan Statistical Areas.

And the all-cash share of total single-family and condo sales was better than double what it was on the national level.

Nationwide all-cash sales accounted for 27.8% of single-family home and condo sales. Locally the share in the three-county Johnson City MSA was 40.5% and 36.5% in the four-county Kingsport-Bristol MSA.

Last year there were 1,480 all-cash sales in the Johnson City MSA and 1595 in Kingsport-Bristol.

The all-cash sales analysis is part of Attom Data Solution’s 2018 Home Sales Report.

Here’s how the local share of all-cash sales looked in since 2014.


Johnson City MSA – 40.7%

Kingsport-Bristol – 41.1%


Johnson City MSA – 38.3%

Kingsport-Bristol – 39.9%


Johnson City MSA – 38.3%

Kingsport-Bristol – 38.5%


Johnson City MSA – 36.2%

Kingsport-Bristol – 39.8%


Johnson City MSA – 40.6%

Kingsport-Bristol – 36.5%


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