Kingsport-Bristol continues region’s best sales tax collection performance

Year-to-date monthly market share

Kingsport-Bristol continued seeing the best sales tax collections performance in Northeast Tennessee in June.

Middle State Tennessee University’s monthly report of seasonally adjusted collections shows the Knoxville Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) was the only NE Tennessee metro area performing on par with the state’s year-over-year June collections growth. But when you look past that often volatile metric Kingsport-Bristol is the standout on the year-over-year monthly average growth and the even more stable year-to-date market share metric.

Year-over-year change of average monthly collections

Kingsport-Bristol collections have been above its 2017 annual market share for the past five months. Its year-over-year monthly average collections have been slowly decreasing but are still almost double Knoxville’s performance.

Year-over-year June collections

The Johnson City MSA began 2018 with a year-over-year loss. But it has been positive every month since with the exception of May. Its average monthly collections turned positive during the second quarter when it posted April-June year-over-year increases. Despite those gains, the three-county MSA’s market share has underperformed its 2017 annual share every month this year. It has also seen a decline in its share of Tri-Cities collections for seven of the last eight months.