February sees spike in notice of trustee sales

Lenders eased up on repossessions in February but there was a spike in new notices of trustee sales.

There were 41 new notice of trustee sales in the local NE Tennessee counties. That’s almost double the 23 in January. Sullivan County accounted for most of the new filings as it did in January, according to Attom Data Solutions.

Lenders repossessed 31 properties in February, down from 51 in January. Most of those were in Sullivan County.

So far this year there have been 82 properties repossessed and in REO status. Notice of trustee sales (NTS) totals 64.

Here’s a capsule view of foreclosure activity so far this year.

County NTS REO Total
Carter 9 4 13
Greene 3 12 15
Hawkins 6 6 12
Johnson 2 3 5
Sullivan 27 32 59
Unicoi 1 4 5
Washington 16 21 37



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