Knoxville, Morriston MSAs see most of NE Tenn. 2017 growth

Northeast Tennessee’s 2017 population increased by almost 12,000 people according to the Census Bureau’s 2017 estimated population report.

The lion’s share of that growth was in the Knoxville Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) which also saw the region’s only natural population growth – there were more births than deaths. The rest of the region’s growth was from migration.

Here’s how last year’s growth looks broken down by the metro area.

Knoxville – 77.5%.

Morristown – 10.1%

Kingsport-Bristol – 6.4%

Johnson City – 6%

Drilling down to the report’s cumulative components of change shows negative natural population growth in all by the Knoxville MSA. Here are the report’s estimates for births and deaths in the four metro areas:

Knoxville – 9,482 births, 9142 deaths.

Kingsport-Bristol – 2,888 births, 3,756 deaths.

Johnson City – 1,987 births, 2,313 deaths.

Morristown – 1,260 births, 1,361 deaths.

The combined international and domestic migration data show most of the region’s growth in the two western MSA. Totals for 2017 were:

Knoxville – 8,885

Kingsport-Bristol – 1,642

Morristown – 1,310

The seven-county Tri-Cities Consolidated Statistical Area (CSA) saw an estimated population growth of 1,476 people last year.

There were 4,875 births, 6,069 deaths and a total migration of 2,683 new residents.