Index points to stronger Washington, Sullivan county housing market activity

Attom Data Solutions’ Pre-Mover Index points to a stronger third quarter housing market activity in Sullivan and Washington counties.

The pre-mover index shows markets where homes are more likely to sell, and buyers will soon be looking for new homes. It uses data collected for purchase loan application on residential transactions. A score of 100 indicated a higher than average ratio of homes likely to be sold in the next 30 to 90 days. Washington County’s Q2 index is 256 while Sullivan County had an index of 240.

Washington County’s index moved ahead of Sullivan County in Q1 reversing indices from the last two quarters of 2016.

Washington County home prices placed the highest demand on income in the latest report.

According to Attom’s data, the annual percentage of income needed to buy a median priced home in Washington County was 28% compared to 22.8% in Sullivan County.



  1. CHALES NOVI says:

    I came here from another state 25 yrs.ago one thing never had enough senior housing and the one’s you do have there for the well to do people the rest get thrown under the bus lt see you fix this problem shame on Tennessee.

    • Thank you for your response. Although I don’t have anything to do with new home construction or anything beyond report on trends I’d be interested in exploring your comment. First, what do you consider to be senior housing? Are you talking about assisted living or homes for independent senior living. I agree, the region doesn’t seem to be adapting very quickly the the aging trend that is underway, but before we can explore your complaint about housing for seniors we’ll need to get a little more precise about your expectations.

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