Washington Co. posts region’s strongest 2016 economic ouput growth

Washington County TN’s 2016 inflation-adjusted economic output was a full point better than the six other Tri-Cities counties. Combined with solid growth in Carter and Unicoi counties, the Johnson City metro area moved ahead of Kingsport-Bristol in the National Association of Counties 2016 recovery dashboard’s economic output category.

Sullivan County – the county with the highest real gross domestic product – was tied for the weakest 2016 output growth rate.

Here’s how NACO’s county inflation-adjusted economic growth rates looked in the Johnson City MSA:

  • Washington Co.- up 2.6%
  • Unicoi Co. – up 2%.
  • Carter Co. – up 1.6%

The rates for the Kingsport-Bristol counties were:

  • Hawkins – up 1.6%
  • Scott Co. VA – up 1.4%
  • Washington Co. VA – up 1.3%
  • Sullivan Co – up 1.3%

The Bureau of Economic Analysis’ report on the GDP for metro areas won’t be available until September. It collects county-level GDP data but doesn’t release it. However, there’s movement to change that so more detailed growth information is available at the county level.

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