Thanks to the ranks of loyal readers who now number almost 2,000

The beginning of a New Year is an appropriate time to say thanks to loyal readers and those who take the time to sit down and help add context to CoreData’s data-driven stories.

And a special thank you goes to the folks at The TCI Group, Jerry Petzoldt Agency, and Powell Valley Bank who have made annual sponsorship commitments to help defray some of the costs of keeping the website up.

As of the end of 2022, close to 2,000 regular readers have joined the CoreData and LinkedIn cadre who value local data-driven reports on the Tri-Cities region’s housing and labor markets, demographics, and trends. During the past 365 days, those items have been read 14,576 times, according to WordPress analytics. That doesn’t include those who read the captioned versions on LinkedIn or Facebook.

This year, the trends effort will increase because data for what things are looking like since the pandemic is becoming available.

CoreData is a local effort. Almost all of it is a volunteer effort. There are no plans to change to read the articles. There’s no plan for a paywall. And there’s always the hope that a couple more sponsors will join the effort.

The goal is to provide local data-driven information that flows free to increase both awareness and knowledge about important issues that are not regularly available anywhere else on the local media landscape.

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