CoreData stories that drew the most traffic in 2021

One of the advantages of a website is being able to see what readers value by how many click on a story. The story receiving the most attention on CoreData during 2021 wasn’t posted that year. It appeared in late 2019 as a walk-up to 2020. It was a local drill-down on veteran demographics lobbied for by Ernie Rumsby. It will be updated with new data as soon as it’s available. The story and data continue receiving new traffic. It has garnered more than double the number of readers from the second-ranked story.

The “Newcomers: Who are they, where are they from and how many?” had the most eclectic readers as tracked by LinkedIn analytics. It drew almost 600 viewers that included:

  • 63 real estate brokers.
  • 29 executive directors
  • 18 business strategists
  • 14 business owners
  • 11 loan officers
  • 10 economists
  • 8 who were in corporate finance
  • 6 who were on a political staff.

The highest concentration of readers was in the Johnson City market. The leading geographic grouping from outside the Tri-Cities included:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Washington DC
  • San Francisco Bay area
  • Greater Atlanta
  • Orange Co. Calif
  • Greater Chicago area
  • Phoenix

Here are the top 20 CoreData items ranked by traffic as of New Year’s Eve:

1 – Veterans account for almost 10% of the Tri-Cities’ population.

2 – Tri-Cities among hottest places in U.S. to buy a home and live.

3 – A housing correction – but not a crash.

4 – Newcomers: Who are they, where are they from and how many?

5 – Housing outlook is for less chaos, moderating prices.

6 – Market Minute – Overpriced? (data on home prices)

7 – Tri-Cities foreclosure backlog building.

8 – Tri-Cities ranked in top 50 U.S. merging housing markets.

9 – Lower birth rate, higher death rate takes shine off Tri-Cities 2020 population gain.

10 – Half of Tri-Cities single-family rentals have vacancy rates higher than U.S. average.

11 – 2022 housing market. Another roller coaster ride?

12 – Twin Cities, Jonesborough post region’s best 2019-2020 population stats.

13  – Refi still king in local mortgage loan world.

14 – Tri-Cities home loans reach all-time high.

15 – Kingsport-Bristol home seller profits soar.

16 – Tri-Cities commercial real estate activity hits high point.

17 – Tri-Cities Q2 home sales profits high but take unusual drip.

18 – Apartment supply, demand situation just as crazy as home sales market.

19- Study shows stress building in Tri-Cities single-family rental market.

20 – Cash still king in housing market, but the crown is slipping.

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