Tenn. sales tax collections up in all metro areas except Kingsport-Bristol

All of the NE Tenn. metro areas show year-to-date growth when compared to the first 11 months of 2018. However, only Knoxville’s growth was above the regional benchmark in November. Clicking on the chart renders a larger image.

State sales tax collections increased in nine of Tennessee’s MSA in November. The exception was Kingsport-Bristol, according to the most current Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations report from MTSU. State collections were 4.3% better than November last year.

Here’s how the NE Tenn. metro areas looked in the report.

Knoxville MSA – up 13.4%.

Johnson City – up 5.5%.

Morristown – up 3.6%.

Kingsport-Bristol – down 4.25%.

Kingsport-Bristol also lagged the NE Tenn. MSA in the month-over-month comparisons.

Johnson City – up 4.5%.

Knoxville – up 1.9%.

Morristown – up 1.3%.

Kingsport-Bristol – down 4.7%.

Knoxville continues setting a high bar for collections. Its market share of collections in the four NE Tenn. metro areas has exceeded its 2018 annual share every month except April.

Kingsport-Bristol ranks second to the Knoxville market in market share, but it has consistently failed to match its 2018 benchmark.

The Johnson City MSA has a strong second quarter, but its market share of collections during the second half of this year has softened.

NE Tenn.’s year-to-date collections were up 6.5% in November. All of the region’s metro areas show growth in that metric, but Knoxville was the only metro area performing above region’s benchmark in November.


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