Tri-Cities economy adds 100 jobs in March, jobless rate at decades low

The Tri-Cities economy added 100 nonfarm jobs in March and private sector wages were up according to preliminary, non-adjusted numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The unemployment rate for the seven-county region dropped 0.1% to … [Read more...]

Headwinds building for new car sales

New car sales are expected to soften in the second half of this year despite more dealer incentives. That would be a blow to local tax collections. There's a wave of new vehicles coming off lease that could lure new car buyers to better deals. … [Read more...]

GenZ preferences good news for malls – no so much for downtowns

Here's some good news for malls – not so much for downtowns or big online sellers like Amazon. Generation Z is rapidly coming of age, and new studies show they like hanging out at the mall just as much as their GenX parents did when they were … [Read more...]

Kingsport-Bristol blows the doors off Feb. sales tax collections

Kingsport-Bristol Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) sales tax collections were up an eye-popping 15.6% over February last year and 17.6% better than January following a disappointing beginning of the New Year performance. Both month-over-month … [Read more...]