Picture the Tri-Cities with 10,000 fewer retail workers

The job sector that some Tri-Cities residents love to hate is going through an unprecedented change and localization on a new study helps put a better face on it. It's not a new story. Call it Version 2.0 of How Technology Drove the Tri-Cities' Great … [Read more...]

The good, the bad and the ugly about NE Tenn. bridges

The April data update from the National Association of Counties is the good, the bad and the ugly about bridges. Here in Northeast Tennessee, there are 1,473 bridges that's the good. It's hard to get around without bridges. The bad is 211 of those … [Read more...]

All the talk about how retail jobs have sucked the life out of the local jobs economy is more myth that fact

It's common knowledge that the Great Recession hollowed out much of the Tri-Cities' middle class – that good paying jobs like those in manufacturing were replaced with low-paying in the retail sector. There's just one problem with that common … [Read more...]

Sullivan Co. gets lions share of Tri-Cities’ federal health care benefits

Missing from the discussions about healthcare reform and the possible merger of Mountain States Health Alliance with Wellmont Health Systems is a look at how much money, and its share by local counties is at play. That’s a big deal because health … [Read more...]