Tri-Cities single female v. single male home buyers; how many, what home value?

You have to hand it to the folks at Attom Data Solutions. They’re very creative and quick to use housing data in unique ways. Today – Valentine’s Day - is a good example. If you read much of the mass media reporting on housing you’ve come … [Read more...]

Tri-Cities housing demand higher than U.S. average; inventory moving slower

Supply continues to be the strongest headwind the Tri-Cities housing market is bucking as demand increases and marketing conditions are heating up from what they were last year. January’s Market Hotness Index shows listing in both of … [Read more...]

Tri-Cities seriously underwater properties increase, equity rich properties decline

Equity-rich is a sweet spot for mortgage holders and there were almost 20,000 of them in the Tri-Cities during the last three months of 2018. And when combined with mortgaged properties that are seriously underwater it’s a snapshot of how the housing … [Read more...]

Kingsport-Bristol finishes 2018 with best retail sales tax collections performance in NE Tenn.

With the exception of the Morristown Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) NE Tenn. metro areas lagged the state performance in December sales tax collections. But that was only part of the story. Kingsport-Bristol edged out Knoxville for the best … [Read more...]