It’s cheaper to rent than buy in Washington Co.; rents increasing in other counties

Looking for a three-bedroom home in the Tri-Cities. It’s cheaper to buy than rent in Sullivan, Hawkins and Carter counties, but the dynamic has shifted to renting in Washington County. At the same time rents in all the counties except Washington are … [Read more...]

Older workers a big part of Tri-Cities workforce and their ranks are growing

The next time you shop for groceries, pick up something at Walmart or grab lunch at almost any Tri-Cities fast-food restaurant count the number of workers who are in the 50 years-old. That’s right there’s a lot of them. And their ranks are … [Read more...]

Supply-demand index points to a soft-landing local housing market cool-down’s December housing market hotness index is a mixed bag for the Tri-Cities but points to improvement from last year at the same time many analysts are talking about a market cool down. Views of listings of homes for sale for both local … [Read more...]

Kingsport-Bristol sales tax collection performance slows, still best in the region so far this year

Kingsport-Bristol’s November sales tax collections were the best in the state when compared to October, but the lowest in the state when the focus shifts to November last year. It was also the first month this year when the four-county metro area’s … [Read more...]