Almost 13% of Tri-Cities home sales are co-buyer purchases

There was a time when a married couple was the dominant demographic for home buying. But not anymore. Singles – especially single women -  and unmarried couples have joined the ranks of homeowners as co-buyers. There are also increasing numbers of … [Read more...]

Hawkins, Carter wages led area’s 2017 increases; home prices grew faster than wages in most counties

Hawkins and Carter counties had the largest annual increase in average total sector wages in the Tri-Cities region last year.  Workers in Scott County scored the largest increase in the area' three Southwest Virginia counties. The Bureau of Labor … [Read more...]

Tri-Cities sees more home flips, profits down – still above national norm

Record low inventories of homes for sale and new home construction that is lagging demand has upped the interest in home flipping in the Tri-Cities region. And the fact that flippers are seeing lower gross return on investment (ROI) than they did … [Read more...]

Kingsport-Bristol continues strong sales tax collections; rental market competition heats up

April was a good sales tax collections month for Northeast Tennessee metros areas everywhere except Morristown. For the third straight month, Kingsport-Bristol led the region in the year-over-year metric. It also outperformed April's state … [Read more...]