Johnson City, Washington Co. local markets with 2017 highest avg. home prices

Carter and Hawkins counties had best annual avg. price gains last year. Elizabethton lead city markets with highest annual avg. price increase By now anyone interested in the local economy or real estate knows that 2017 was another big year for … [Read more...]

Tri-Cities add jobs for 7th year, employment and labor force increase

Johnson City MSA ends the year with more jobs than it had before the recession. Private sector workers see 8% annual average weekly wage increase. Kingsport-Bristol reclaims 4,817 of the 6,100 jobs it lost during the recession. Private sector … [Read more...]

Bristol TN and VA lead cities home sales growth rate; Erwin, Elizabethton, Johnson City net best price gains

Last year was a banner year for single-family home sales in Bristol TN and VA. Twin Cities resales’ year-over-year annual growth rate dramatically outperformed every other city market in the 2017 annual Trends Report from the Northeast Tennessee … [Read more...]

Large number of Tri-Cities residents of prime working age absent from labor market

Current Census estimates for the Tri-Cities show almost one-in-three people age 20 through 64 didn’t work in 2016. And the age group with the largest share of those who didn’t work were 55 to 64, typical the years for highest earning. The numbers … [Read more...]