Local economy adds jobs, unemployment rates low – but all is not well

The Tri-Cities economy continued adding jobs in October, and the region's unemployment rate was in the mid-3% range while labor participation lagged. It has become a common "good-news, bad-news" factor as the region continues to struggle with chronic … [Read more...]

Kingsport jobs: Where the workers live

Look at any of the roads around Kingsport on any weekday morning or afternoon, and it's immediately apparent there's a lot of commuting going on out there. For this report, we'll drill down on Kingsport. A similar report on Johnson City will follow … [Read more...]

Part 2 Tri-Cities rental situation – fewer single-family units, higher vacancy rates

There were more rental property vacancies in over than half of the Tri-Cities region's zip code during the third quarter of this year than last year. And a comparison of non-owner-occupied investment properties shows there are about 11,000 fewer … [Read more...]

Tri-Cities economy looks good, but….. Benchmarking the recovery, looking for a new normal

Local employment rates are at historic lows. Homebuilders are the busiest they've been since the recession, and there are ample signs of new commercial developments and renovations underway. Consumers are confident and spending. All-in-all the local … [Read more...]