Social Security COLA increase will boost Tri-Cities economy by $3.6 million a month

The Tri-Cities economy will get a $3.6 million a month bump when local residents get their first Social Security checks that include the 2018 cost-of-living adjustment (COAL). The 2% increase is the first substantial increase in years and means … [Read more...]

A Tri-Cities’ ticking population time bomb

Remember the adage that a rising economy raises all boats. Today's economy is showing that's not always the case. While there's ample evidence the Tri-Cities economy is seeing gains, demographics show the population picture is soft – very soft in … [Read more...]

Washington Co. TN leads region in number of nursing homes

Although Washington County, TN has the youngest median age in the Tri-Cities (40.3 years) it has the largest number of nursing homes in 2017. Data source: National Association of Counties. … [Read more...]

Kingsport-Bristol, Johnson City MSA August retail sales collections in soft spot

Knoxville was the only Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in Northeast Tennessee with a positive August year-over-year gain in retail sales tax collections. Kingsport-Bristol and the Johnson City MSA were in a two-month collections slump, and … [Read more...]