Hawkins County emerging as growth bright spot

The volume of good economic news coming out of Hawkins County is almost enough to make elected officials and the chamber of commerce giddy. After a decade of stagnation, a revival of industrial growth – some public, some off the public radar – is … [Read more...]

Tri-Cities new home market is finally taking off

After seven years of declining new home activity and another four years of slow growth, the market is taking off. Tri-Cities area builders saw the first stirrings of the surge early this year, but the crunch showed up in the third quarter. That's … [Read more...]

Social Security COLA increase will boost Tri-Cities economy by $3.6 million a month, but it’s nothing for elders to cheer about

The Tri-Cities economy will get a $3.3 million a month bump when local residents get their first Social Security checks that include the 2018 cost-of-living adjustment (COAL). The 2% increase is the first substantial increase in years and means … [Read more...]

A Tri-Cities’ ticking population time bomb

Remember the adage that a rising economy raises all boats. Today's economy is showing that's not always the case. While there's ample evidence the Tri-Cities economy is seeing gains, demographics show the population picture is soft – very soft in … [Read more...]