Washington Co. continues Tri-Cities new home construction dominance

So far this year, Tri-Cities new home construction is slogging along at about the same pace as last year and the year before. That's not especially good news for a region where a tight housing market has the potential to become a housing shortage – … [Read more...]

Tri-Cities jobs, employment growth continues in July

Tri-Cities employers continued adding nonfarm jobs at an average rate of 200 a month in July. At the same time employment was 1.7% higher than July last year and the unemployment rate was unchanged from June's 4.6%. From a trends perspective, … [Read more...]

Tri-Cities homeowners – investors – rock the equity rich list

There are more than 3,000 Tri-Cities area homeowners – that includes investors -  feeling richer than they did this time last year. Their economic lot in life is rosier because at the end of Q2 they moved into equity rich status. That means they … [Read more...]

How many Tri-Cities residents live where they work and how many commute to their job (revised version)

EDITOR'S NOTE - This is a revised version of the original story to include an update and correction on some of the inflow/outflow numbers. The median commute time in the Tri-Cities is just under 30 minutes. But that's only the Census Bureau's … [Read more...]