Sullivan Co. leads Tri-Cities Q2 cash home sales with 67.3% share

Cash is still king in the Tri-Cities housing market. They were down in four NE Tenn. counties when compared to last year, but every county in the region had a higher Q2 all-cash share than the 28.9% posted for the nation in Attom Data Solutions … [Read more...]

Social Security is a big economic deal in the Tri-Cities – really big

News that Social Security recipients would get a 2.2% cost of living increase didn't get much public attention in mid-July when the story broke. Maybe it's because the extra $3.4 million a month won't show up in the Tri-Cities until the first of next … [Read more...]

Kingsport-Bristol retail sales collections bounce back after two month slump

Kingsport-Bristol retail sales tax collections bounced back from two months of negative performance for a solid 2.7% year-over-year gain in May. At the same time, Johnson City Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) collections cooled with a 0.6% … [Read more...]

Tri-Cities residents older, working longer – population growth slow

The latest Census data shows Northeast Tennessee residents are older, working longer, living longer – but not always in good health. And demographically we're where the rest of the nation will be in five or six years. There are bright spots in … [Read more...]