Cash sales combine with distressed sales as headwind for Tri-Cities home sales price appreciation

There are two nagging questions about the current Tri-Cities region housing market. If sales are at all-time highs and the inventory is tight, why haven't prices increased more than the area's typical conservative appreciation? Given the … [Read more...]

Washington Co. posts region’s strongest 2016 economic ouput growth

Washington County TN's 2016 inflation-adjusted economic output was a full point better than the six other Tri-Cities counties. Combined with solid growth in Carter and Unicoi counties, the Johnson City metro area moved ahead of Kingsport-Bristol in … [Read more...]

Tri-Cities commercial construction sees flat growth,  new permit value up

New Tri-Cities commercial real estate construction closed the year with one permit less than 2015, but unlike most of the 18 markets monitored by The Market Edge total, local permit value increased. The Tri-Cities was also the only MSA in East … [Read more...]

Johnson City leads region in growth of lower-income households

Johnson City led the other major Tri-Cities cities in the increase of lower-income households during the 2008-2015 recovery from the Great Recession.  In many ways that recovery is still underway. This lower-income households trend follows the … [Read more...]