Tri-Cities retail sales tax collections bounce in July; E. Tenn collections stronger than rest of state

Tri-Cities retail sales tax collections bounced in July. At the same time, East Tennessee MSAs claimed a big share of the top collection performers statewide. Year-over-year change in seasonally adjusted collections reported by MTSU’s … [Read more...]

Seasonal slump slows but doesn’t stop Tri-Cities jobs, wage increase trend

The Tri-Cities labor market made it through the bottom of the annual seasonal slump with 300 fewer jobs that it had in June and 2,400 more than July last year. Average private sector wages also increased, but the year-over-year gain was less that … [Read more...]

Most Americans Foresee Death of Cash in Their Lifetime

Gallup is reporting that most Americans (62%) expect the U.S. to become a cashless society in their lifetime, with all purchases being made with credit cards, debit cards and other forms of electronic payment. They express these views as more … [Read more...]

NE Tenn equity rich households dip, seriously underwater share inching upward

The number of equity-rich homeowners in the Northeast Tennessee is shrinking while the number of owners who are seriously underwater properties is increasing. In both cases the changes are nominal.  It's not enough to set off alarms, but it does … [Read more...]