Kingsport-Bristol has second highest June sales tax collection gain in state; Johnson City posts biggest decline

Kingsport-Bristol was back on the retail sales tax collections roller coaster in June.

The metro area’s year-over-year collections for the month were the second highest in the state – a little less than half the gain in the Nashville metro area.

June sales taxAt the same time, the seasonally adjusted data from MTSU’s Business and Economic Research Center shows collections in the Johnson City metro were the down 4.7% – the largest decline among state metro areas.

Collection dollar amounts for both metro areas has been positive for the 12 months ending in June, with one exception in Kingsport-Bristol, while the trend patterns are showing increasing year-over-year comparisons volatility.

For over a year Kingsport-Bristol has seen year-over-year changes that were the among the highest in the state followed by equally steep declines the following months.  The year-over-year increases range from double-digit gains in July, October and March to a minus 0.8% in February.

Johnson City’s pattern has been less volatile.  It trended lower for eight straight months then posted a sharp increase in March followed by a steep drop in April then another big pattern decline in June.

The share between the two metro areas has been fairly consistent since June last year with Johnson City accounting for just under half of the collections. The low came in November with a 47.9% share to April’s 49.8% share.

Here’s how the year-over-year change looked for Northeast Tennessee metro areas:

Kingsport-Bristol, up 1.5%.

Knoxville, up 0.1%.

Morristown, down 1.2%.

Johnson City, down 4.7%.

Statewide collections were up 1.3%, but only half of the metro areas were positive when compared to June last year.

The month-over-month collections were down in all but the Cleveland metro area.

Johnson City’s collections were off 6.3% from May while Kingsport-Bristol was down 4.4%.

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