Tri-Cities sales tax collections, employment growth by sector show strong March gains

The two last reports to track March’s economic indicators are in and both are as positive as the job creation, employment and salary reports posted earlier on this site.

Tri-Cities employers add 1,100 new jobs in March, jobless rates drop to pre-recession levels 

Tri-Cities private sector wages on the upswing in March 

Both of the final reports come from MTSU’s Department of Economics and Finance.


The first is March’s employment heat charts. These charts track the year-over-year gains and losses but job sector and are a quick way to keep tabs on an otherwise data-laden chore.

Both of the Tri-Cities metro areas show continued job improvement with a couple of big exceptions.

In Kingsport-Bristol the information sector was hammered for the second straight month. The sector’s total job count isn’t a big player but the losses are still losses. The big gainers continue to be retail sales and the leisure and hospitality section.

The Johnson City MSA  transportation and utilities sector was deep in the red for the third straight month in March. The encouraging sector last month was construction, which posted a 4.5% year-over-year gain.


sales tax


March was one of those double-digit gain month for sales tax collections in Northeast Tennessee.

Here’s how the seasonally adjusted year-over-year numbers from MTSU look:

Knoxville – up 16.2%

Johnson City – up 12.2%

Kingsport-Bristol – up 10.8%

Morristown – up 10.1%

It was a sharp increase after two soft months in the Tri-Cities. The year-over-year collections were up during those two months but the trend was lower.


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