Johnson City MSA gets most newcomers, population up; Kingsport- Bristol sees largest loss in state

The Johnson City MSA claimed 98% of the Tri-Cities’ net migration from July 1, 2014 to July 1, 2015. It was enough to give the three-county MSA a population increase of 500 for the one-year period.

At the same time, Kingsport-Bristol saw a population loss of 603. That was the largest loss in the state, according to Census annual population estimates released this week.


Census Bureau current annual population estimates.

Population across the seven-county region was down 103. Since April 1, 2010 it’s down 490 people.

Simply put, newcomers are sustaining the region’s population growth, and it’s not distributed evenly.

Both MSAs are in a negative natural population position. That means the death rate is higher than the birth rate.

Kingsport-Bristol has the larger population of the two MSAs and saw the highest share of births (60%) during the one-year period. Its population base is also older, so it had a higher share of the region’s deaths (62.7%).

Since 2010 the Johnson City metro area has seen a population increase of 1,932, according to this week’s Census report, while Kingsport-Bristol’s population has declined 2,422.

Here’s how the just-released, one-year population numbers looked for Tennessee’s MSAs:

Nashville, up 36,435

Knoxville, up 4,357

Chattanooga, up 3,579

Clarksville, up 3,127

Memphis, up 1,213

Cleveland, up 1,095

Morristown, up 968

Johnson City, up 500

Jackson, down 421

Kingsport-Bristol, down 603

If population trends continue as they are now, projections show Washington County will replace Sullivan and the largest county in the Tri-Cities in about 22 years.




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