Tri-Cities wages increase in February, trending higher

Private sector wages in the Johnson City MSA posted the second straight month of strong increases in February. Kingsport-Bristol experienced the same upswing, but for the first time in almost four years took a backseat to the Johnson City MSA … [Read more...]

Tri-Cities job creation up in February, unemployment rate at 8-year low but……

Nonfarm job creation in the Tri-Cities was up for the 11th straight month in February, and the seven-county region's unemployment rate dropped to a preliminary, non-adjusted eight-year low of 4.9%. You have to go back to April 2008 when the rate was … [Read more...]

Home prices increasing faster than wages in Washington, Sullivan counties, affordability down

What an example of a good news, bad news story? Try this one: Housing affordability in Sullivan and Washington counties has decreased because home prices have grown much faster than wages. Washington County has been much harder on the wage growth … [Read more...]

Johnson City MSA gets most newcomers, population up; Kingsport- Bristol sees largest loss in state

The Johnson City MSA claimed 98% of the Tri-Cities’ net migration from July 1, 2014 to July 1, 2015. It was enough to give the three-county MSA a population increase of 500 for the one-year period. At the same time, Kingsport-Bristol saw a … [Read more...]