N.E. Tenn. all-cash home sales increase in 2015; market share down due to higher sales volume

The market share of all-cash home sales was down in all but two Northeast Tennessee county housing markets last year, but only because increasing sales skewed the percentages. In real numbers the all-cash sales increased in all local counties included in the RealtyTrac Year-End Home Sales report.

And even thought all-cash sales as a share of total sales were down locally, they were higher than the 2015 national level on a range that varies from 3.1 points to 18.3 points.

RealtyTrac’s report shows all-cash buyers accounted for 30.1% of all U.S. single family home and condo sales in 2015, down from 31.6% in 2014 and down from 35.6 % in 2013 to the lowest level since 2008. The peak in share of cash sales was in 2012 at 36.3%.

That national peak is higher than only two of the reduced all-cash market shares for local markets in 2015.

Here’s the break down for all-cash sales by their share of total sales and the actual number of all cash sales for local markets for the past three years.

All cash sales

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