Full-time male, female Kingsport-Bristol workers post largest Tri-Cities recovery wage gains

Income comparisons for the cusp of the Great Recovery in the Tri-Cities show how much the Kingsport-Bristol and Johnson City MSAs were alike in all but a few Census data comparisons.

KB#2 incomeThe big difference was the growth of median earnings for male and female full-time workers and the gap between the median wages of full-time male and female workers. Kingsport-Bristol’s growth in those areas was also behind the larger increase in nonfamily household incomes.

In 2014 full-time male workers had a median income of $41,874 in Kingsport-Bristol  compared to $36,916 for full-time Johnson City MSA male workers.

The MSA disparity was not as great for women with full-time jobs. In 2014, the Kingsport-Bristol women workers were earning $31,453 while their counterparts in the Johnson City MSA were getting $30,594.

Kingsport-Bristol full timers saw double-digit gains and the growth rate was almost the same for women as it was men in the 2008-2014 comparison.

JC#2 incomeJohnson City male full-timers saw a miniscule growth in the inflation-adjusted comparison of median earnings. Women fared much better but didn’t break through the single digit gain range.

Reversals in the leadership position can be seen in the comparison of the growth of median nonfamily income and average nonfamily income.

The only category that hit negative territory ground in the comparison was the Kingsport-Bristol average nonfamily income. It was down 0.4%. The

Data for these comparisons are from the income and benefit portions of the DP03 data sets (Selected Economic Characteristics) in the 1-year American Community Survey from 2008 and 2014 to gauge Great Recession driven changes in the Tri-Cities.

#2 income comparisons

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