Johnson City metro leads Tri-Cities Nov. sales tax collections

November sales tax collections were up again in November, and the Johnson City metro area led the Tri-Cities’ growth for the third time this year.

sales taxAccording to the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations and MTSU’s Department of Economics and Finance November report, Knoxville led East Tennessee’s year-to-year growth in November while Kingsport-Bristol’s growth was at the bottom of the list. That’s the smallest gain the four-county metro area has recorded during its roller-coaster performance so far this year. Growth has been in the double digits five times, and it has led the state several times.

Johnson City’s performance hasn’t seen the peaks its neighbor to the north has seen. Instead, it has recorded consistent, less volatile performance every month except March when both MSAs dipped into negative territory.

sales tax shareJohnson City also closed its share of total Tri-Cities collections last month with an almost equal split with its larger neighbor to the north.

Here’s how those seasonally adjusted collections look ranked by year-to-year growth.

Knoxville – up 11%.

Morristown – up 9.1%.

Johnson City – up 5.2%.

Chattanooga – up 4.8%.

Kingsport-Bristol– up 3.7%.


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