Kingsport-Bristol sales tax collections shine again in July

July was another roller coaster month for Kingsport-Bristol sales tax collections. It had the third best year-over-year performance in the state and was head-and-shoulders above collection gains among Northeast Tennessee MSAs.

July sales tax yy

Year-to-year change seasonally adjusted sales tax collections.

Seasonally adjusted collections in the four-county area were up 10.5% compared to July last year. It was the fifth time since last July it has seen double-digit increases. It was also the only MSA in Northeast Tennessee that posted a gain when compared to June collections.

Jackson saw the largest state increase in July – 10.8%, followed by Cleveland, 10.6% then Kingsport-Bristol.  Chattanooga was the last of July’s double-digit MSAs.

According to MTSU’s Business and Economic Research Center here’s how Northeast Tennessee MSA looked on the seasonally adjusted year-to-year collections metric.

  • Kingsport-Bristol, up 10.5%
  • Knoxville, up 7.2%.
  • Johnson City, up 7.1%
  • Morristown up 4.4%.

And on the month-to-month metric:

  • Kingsport-Bristol, up 1.4%
  • Knoxville, down 1.2%.
  • Johnson City, down 2.8%
  • Morristown, down 3.8%.
July unadjusted st coll

Sales tax collections in thousands – not seasonally adjusted

Tri-Cities collections have been strong since April. And while Kingsport-Bristol was the obvious top performer, Johnson City’s trend line shows less volatile, consistent year-to-year gains.  Over time the Hare and the Tortoise effect will be in play.

Pie sales tax

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