Over 17,000 Tri-Cities names show up in sex site’s hacked data

Mashable readers who saw the story on how Tecnilogica handled the hacked AshleyMadison data have a universal first reaction.

They search to see how many users the sex site had in their hometown.

Here’s some quick number grabs for the number of Tri-Cities members. According to the story about 85% are male.

Johnson City – 6,282

Kingsport – 4,149

Greeneville – 1,557

Rogersville -1,302

Elizabethton -1,117

Jonesborough – 879

Erwin –  556

Bristol, VA and Bristol TN didn’t show up on the map. But here’s a user sampling of some of the area’s smaller towns:

Blountville – 426

Church Hill – 426

Bulls Gap – 367

Gate City – 276

Piney Flats – 236

Chuckey – 187

Weber City – 55

Walnut Hill – 27

The map, which took eight hours to create, has two layers: gender ratio and number of users in each city. It also takes data hacks and how personal data is protected – or not protected – by internet sites to a new level.

According to Mashable, “The map can’t be used to identify cheaters, though. The company showed mercy to the victims of the AshleyMadison hack by stripping all sensitive data — name, address and email. They also excluded deserted middle-of-nowhere cities where there were less than 10 users who could probably be busted by process of elimination.”

CLICK HERE for the full Mashable report

CLICK HERE for the interactive map




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