See how NE Tenn. areas rank in Forbes’ 2015 best places for business, job growth analysis

One of Forbes’ major projects each year is the business magazine’s assessment of the best places for business and job growth.

The 17th annual edition was rolled out in late July and  if economic growth interests you it’s worth a look at how the three Northeast Tennessee areas fared.

Kingsport-Bristol has enough population to be ranked among the 200 large areas and had an overall ranking of 166. It ranked 161st for job growth and 187 for education.

In the 201 small metro areas Johnson City ranked 72 with 133 cost of doing business, 138 in job growth and 76 in education.

Morristown had an overall ranking of 124 with a 83 cost of doing business, 117 for job growth and 189 for education.

To get a handle on the project’s big picture isn’t a quick read. But it’s worth the time to gain some context into how areas are developing and why.

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