Johnson City MSA sees another private sector wage decline in April


wage chPrivate sector wages in the Tri-Cities followed a familiar pattern in April.

Kingsport-Bristol’s average weekly age increased when compared to the same month of the previous year while it declined in the Johnson City MSA.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the April weekly average in Kingsport-Bristol was $633.

It was $578 in the Johnson City MSA.

From a trends perspective the weekly average in Johnson City has declined on the year-to-year metric for 35 of the past 36 months. The only deviation from that pattern was in January 2014 when the average was $1 higher than it was in January 2013.

When adjusted for inflation against an April 2008 weekly wage pre-recession benchmark, buying power declined by $66 a week for those making the average wage.

When compared to wages in other Tennessee MSAs, Johnson City moved out of the “lowest-in-the-state” spot last month. However, the move wasn’t due to an increase in Johnson City wages. It was a larger weekly average decline in Jackson.

When adjusted for inflation against the pre-recession benchmark Kingsport-Bristol  workers receiving the private sector weekly average in April had $10 a month more buyer power.

April was the ninth straight month the Kingsport-Bristol weekly average has been positive on the year-to-year metric.


©Don Fenley

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