Kingsport-Bristol leads NE TN MSAs in sales tax collections decline


Kingsport-Bristol led Northeast East Tennessee MSAs in an adjusted sales tax collections decline in March.

MarchIt was the second straight monthly decline for Kingsport-Bristol, according to the Business and Economic Research Center at MTSU.

At the same time the three-county Johnson City outperformed the other Northeast Tennessee MSA in that its declines were not as deep.

When compared to February collections every MSA in the state declined in March. On the year-to-year metric all of Northeast Tennessee also declined.

Here’s what those y-y percentage changes look like:

  • Kingsport-Bristol – down 3.9%.
  • Morristown – down 3.1%.
  • Knoxville – down 1.7%.
  • Johnson City – down 0.2%.

The swings are deeper when compared to February collections:

  • Kingsport-Bristol – down 12.2%.
  • Knoxville – down 9.7%.
  • Morristown – down 9.4%.
  • Johnson City – down 4.3%.


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