Washington Co. TN, VA and Greene Co. tie for Q1 high-end home bragging rights


highedn q1There’s not quite like the availability or construction of high-end homes to get housing discussion in gear.

According to the Market Edge’s Q1 new residential permits there’s a three-way tie for counties with these coveted new homes.

High-end homes are defined in the report are those with 4,000 or more square feet of space or $400,000 or more construction costs.

Highend historyThe Q1 numbers put Greene Co., Washington Co. TN., and Washington Co. VA in a tie with four permits each.

Sullivan County rounded out the list for the first three months of this year with two high-end permits.

Compared to Q1 last year, this year’s permitting for high-ends is down, especially in Washington Co. TN.

The two exceptions are Greene and Sullivan counties.

Three-year totals put Washington Co. TN at the top of the list with 50 high-end homes.

Sullivan Co. had 43.

Washington Co. VA had 31.

Greene had 11.



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