Kingsport-Bristol leads Tenn. in March sales tax collection declines


Kingsport-Bristol was a state leader again this month in sales tax collection comparisons as reported by MTSU’s Bureau of Economic Research Center. MarBut this time it was all about declines.

Kingsport-Bristol has the largest percentage decline among state MSAs when March collections were compared to February.  On the year-to-year comparison Kingsport-Bristol  had the second largest decline. Jackson had the dubious distinction of being first.

Declines were the norm last month. The only year-to-year gains were in Chattanooga, Cleveland and Nashville.

Here’s how collections in NE Tenn. looked on the year-to-year metric.

Johnson City – down 0.2%.

Kingsport – down 3.9% .

Knoxville – down 1.7%.

Morristown – down 3.1%.

When compared to February collections:

Johnson City was down 4.3%.

Kingsport-Bristol was down 12.2%.

Knoxville was down 9.7%.

Morristown was down 7.4%.

March was the first time in nine straight months that year-to-year collections have dipped into negative territory.

Kingsport-Bristol posted big gains for five months before March.


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