Healthcare: The Biggest Front In The Coming Jobs War

The Chairman of Gallup, Jim Clifton, made a strong case that we’re in World War III in his book The Coming Jobs War. Just as the previous wars impacted which countries would lead the world in prosperity, the “war” we are in will dictate the communities that get the lion’s share of the jobs (and thus prosperity). Smart economic development directors and mayors will stake their claim to be the place where healthcare gets reinvented. As a byproduct, they will be one of the winners in creating jobs.

Most cities are passively leaving the “war” up to the healthcare systems in their community. The waning old model of economic development for communities is to put a marketing veneer on their community and throw some tax breaks at corporations to entice them to relocate. The new model includes a recognition that all the tax breaks in the world are dwarfed by differences in healthcare value from one community to another.

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