Johnson City avg. weekly wage lowest in Tenn; Kingsport-Bristol January wages up


February was another month of declining wages for the Johnson City MSA. At the same time, the average private sector wage for Kingsport-Bristol increased.

When compared to the same month of the previous year, the average private sector wage in Johnson City has declined for 12 straight months.  The last time it outperformed more than one month of the previous year was the first four months of 2012. During that 37-month period it has declined all but six months.

When January’s average was adjusted for inflation against the January 2008 pre-recession benchmark, it had $44 a week less buying power.

Kingsport-Bristol has seen several months when the year-to-year average didn’t improve, but in the last 25-month period it has increased all but 14 months.

When adjusted for inflation against the pre-recession benchmark, Kingsport-Bristol’s average private sector weekly wage had $20 a week more buying power.

Looking at wages statewide showed the Johnson City MSA had the lower average wage in the state. That sport is normally occupied by Clarksville.

Kingsport-Bristol was a little higher in the state rankings it’s normally just above Johnson City and the third lowest in the state.


From Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.



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