Tri-Cities home listings get mixed February report, region sees small increase – some markets down


Existing home sale listings increased 1.4% in the Tri-Cities during February when compared to January listing.

Individual city and county markets are a different story. Almost half of the drill-down count shows a month-to-month decrease in the number of home listed for sale.

The largest portion comes in the smallest markets.

Here’s what the m-o-m status looks like in city and county markets.

Carter Co. – up 1.7%.

Greene Co. – down 1.2%.

Hawkins Co. – up 2.4%.

Sullivan Co. – up 3%.

Washington Co. TN – up 5.8%.

Washington Co. VA – down 1.7%.

Unicoi/Erwin – down 5.3%.

Bristol TN – down 1.9%.

Bristol VA – down 0.7%.

Elizabethton – down 0.9.

Greeneville – up 1.6%.

Johnson City – up 1.2%.

Kingsport – up 1.3%.


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