December Kingsport-Bristol average wage up, down in Johnson City


Trend charts at the bottom of the story.

Private sector wages in the Kingsport-Bristol were higher in December that the same month last year but rate trend declined after two monthly increases.

Johnson City MSA private sector workers saw their December average weekly wage decline compared to December last year. It was also the third straight month the annual year-over-year rate trend declined after the October average was even with the October 2013 average.

The average weekly wage in Johnson City has been down for 29 of the past 32 months when compared to the same month of the previous year.  When adjusted for inflation against a 2008 pre-recession benchmark, Johnson City private sector workers have $60 week less buying power.

Private sector workers in Kingsport-Bristol have $5 a week more buying power than they did when December’s average is adjusted for inflation with the 2008 pre-recession benchmark.

December’s weekly averages are preliminary unofficial totals and will be revised in next month report. Then 2014 annual average wage has not been released, yet.

The 2013 annual average in Johnson City was $612 a week. That average was a 3.6% decline from 2012 which saw a 3.8% decline from 2011.

Kingsport-Bristol’s 2013 annual average was $623 a week, down 0.9% from 2012 which was up 7.3% from 2011.

KB weekly wage


JC weekly wage

Dec weekly wage









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