Home price recovery tops Tri-Cities indicator in NACo study


Tri-Cities home prices were the only standout in a current national economic recovery study by the National Association of Counties.

The NACo study looked at 2014 data and compared each county in the nation based of four indicators:

  • Jobs
  • Unemployment
  • GDP
  • Median home prices

According to the study’s findings home prices have recovered in six Tri-Cities counties. They are:

Washington, TN




Washington, VA


The region ranked a goose egg in jobs and unemployment recovery in all counties.

Two counties showed a GDP recover:

Washington, TN


The study says only 65 counties (2.1%) nationwide have fully recovered from the recession.

It also shows home prices in half the nation’s counties have recovered.

NACO created an interactive map for the study and other indicators that can be found at http://explorer.naco.org/

NACO’s County Economic Tracker 2014 can be found at http://www.naco.org/research/Documents/County_Economic_Tracker2014-FINAL.pdf



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