Sullivan, Washington counties lead state for rent increases


Renters in Sullivan and Washington counties are seeing the largest rent increases in Tennessee according to RealtyTrac’s current analysis.

The  fair-market rent for a three-bedroom home is up 7% in Sullivan County this year to $861.

In Washington County where the real estate market is a littler hotter it is up 13% to $997 a month.

A 7% increase was also posted in Shelby County.

The highest fair-market three-bedroom rents in counties included in the report are in Davidson, Rutherford, Williamson, Sumner and Wilson counties – $1,131 a month. However,  the 2015 increase in each of those counties are put at zero.

The fair-market rent in Knox County is $1,034 and that’s expected to be flat this year.

RealtyTrac’s analysis of fair-market rents were obtained from the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, which publishes the numbers each year using a methodology designed to identify the 40th percentile rent, the dollar amount below which 40 percent of the standard-quality rental housing units are rented.


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