Tri-Cities Nov. year-over-year sales tax collections gain leads NE Tenn.

The Tri-Cities lead NE Tennessee in year-over-year sales tax collections in November.

According to MTSU’s Business and Economic Research Center, seasonally adjusted collections in Kingsport were up 5.4% from November last year.

Johnson City MSA collections were up 4.4%.

Morristown collections were up 2.9%.

Knoxville collections were up 1.8%.

Nashville and Chattanooga saw the largest increase and all of the state’s MSAs were positive for the month.

Statewide collections were 7.2% higher in November than the same month last year.

Although Kingsport-Bristol’s year-over-year performance has seen greater gains than the Johnson City MSA in the past two months it has been more volatile this year. Since the first of the year its performance has been negative four months compared to three in Johnson City.

Johnson City’s collections have been positive for the past six month.

When compared to October’s strong collections gains, all three NE Tennessee MSA were down last month.

Knoxville, down 4.6%.

Kingsport-Bristol, down 2.5%.

Morristown, down 2.7%.

Johnson City, down 0.3%.

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