Tri-Cities private sector avg. wage increases from August, flat to lower from last year


Kingsport-Bristol private sector workers saw a $28 a week increase in their average September weekly wage compared to the August average.

Johnson City MSA workers saw a $10 a week increase.

Compared to the same month last year, Kingsport-Bristol workers were earning and extra $3 a week while Johnson City MSA workers had $20 a week less.

When the local average wage is adjusted for inflation from a 2008 pre-recession benchmark Kingsport-Bristol had $1 a week more buying power. Johnson City MSA workers had a September average of $67 a week less buying power.

The 2013 annual average wage for private sector workers in the Johnson City MSA was $612.  It has declined for a $660 a week high in 2011. September’s average was $594.

Kingsport-Bristol’s 2013 average annual weekly wage was $623. That’s $2 a week less than the 3012 annual average, which was the highest this decade. September’s average weekly wage was $626.

The Bureau of Labor Statistic September unadjusted weekly private sector average wages are:

US $849
Nashville $804
Knoxville $747
Memphis $741
Tennessee $728
Chattanooga $723
Morristown $660
Jackson $633
Cleveland $626
Kingsport-Bristol $626
Johnson City $594
Clarksville $553



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