Kingsport-Bristol sees small August wage increase – Johnson City MSA down


August saw a slight improvement in the average hourly wage for Kingsport-Bristol and Morristown MSA private sector employees while wages declined in the Johnson City and Knoxville MSAs when compared to August last year.

Tenn wage

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics and MTSU Bureau of Economic Research.

According to MTSU Bureau of Economic Research the August seasonally adjusted average was 3% better than August last year.

Six of the state’s MSAs saw an increase in wages with Nashville and Clarksville showing the largest increases.

Here how the August unadjusted average weekly wage looked when compared the same month last year and the pre-recession August 2008 wage.

Johnson City:

August 2014 – $584.

August 2013 – $610.

August 2008 – $608.

Buying power Aug. 2014 v. Aug. 2008 adjusted for inflation – down 13%.


August 2014 – $598.

August 2013 – $605.

August 2008 – $570.

Buying power Aug. 2014 v. Aug 2008 adjusted for inflation – down 5.1%.

ETSU Economist Steb Hipple wrote in his Q2 sales tax analysis for the Tri-Cities. ““Retail activity in the Tri-Cities area continues to be a problem. Adjusted for inflation, metro sales volume has been declining for two years. This is in line with regional employment levels which have also been falling. Until there is job growth leading to higher income, there will be no basis for a strong retail recovery in the region.”

ETSU retail sales report shows Tri-Cities gains, but…

The August employment report shows employment in the Tri-Cities was the lowest it has been since 2002 . Seasonally adjusted nonfarm job totals showed a decline of 900 in Kingsport-Bristol while the Johnson City MSA was unchanged from July.

September’s jobs, employment and pay reports for cities and counties will be available later this month. So far the increase in jobs the national labor market is seeing has not trickled down to the Tri-Cities level.

Here’s how the August unadjusted weekly average wage looked in the nation and across Tennessee’s MSAs:

US $846
Nashville $807
Memphis $755
Chattanooga $750
Knoxville $748
Tennessee $733
Morristown $658
Jackson $654
Cleveland $647
Kingsport-Bristol $598
Johnson City $584
Clarksville $535

 ©Don Fenley


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