Kingsport-Bristol, Johnson City June sales tax collections show improvements

Sales tax collections in Kingsport-Bristol lead NE Tennessee’s year-over-year comparison in June and had the second highest gain in the state.

When compared to May collections, the Johnson City MSA was the NE Tennessee standout, followed by Kingsport-Bristol. The other two regional MSAs saw their collections decline on this measure.

According to MTSU’s Tracking Tennessee’s Economic Recovery,  Kingsport-Bristol’s seasonally adjusted collections in June were 6% better than last year. It was the second best year-over-year performance in the state and led NE Tennessee MSAs.

Nashville led the year-over-year collections with an 8.9% increase.

Here in NE Tennessee the Morristown MSA showed a 5.8% increase while Knoxville posted a 2.2% increase. The Johnson City MAS increase was 1.6%.

Shifting the metric to the month-over-month collections shows the Johnson City MSA collections were 3.5% better than May.

Here’s how the other MSAs mom collections looked:

– Kingsport-Bristol, up 1.5%.

– Knoxville, down 1.3%

– Morristown down 2.5%

During the past year the Johnson City MSA and Kingsport-Bristol have seen their year-over-year collections positive eight times.

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