May job heat charts track Kingsport-Bristol, Johnson City job losses, gains


The third part of May’s employment story has been filed by MTSU’s Business and Economic Research Center.

Heat maps tracking the year-over-year % gain/loss of jobs in 12 labor sectors for the Johnson City and Kingsport-Bristol MSA’s show:

–        12.5% growth  in mining, logging and construction

–        Single digit growth in 5 sectors.

–        Job losses in education and health services and retail trade.

Johnson City MSA:

–        Single digit growth in four sectors.

–        A 10% loss in transportation and utilities.

–        Single digit losses in two sectors (manufacturing and government)


Kingsport-Bristol heat map

Johnson City heat map 


The first two part of the month’s four elements was private the May private sector wage averages. It showed the average was down:

May private sector average wage down 



That was followed by the May payroll survey of jobs.

That report shows employers added jobs in May. The three-month moving average for non-farm jobs increased for the second straight month, but the region has 7,000 fewer non-farm job than  it did before the recession.

Charts of job totals in each job sector for May 2014 and May 2008 show the degree of job cuts and where they came.

Tri-Cities employers add jobs in May 


The final part of the May picture comes later this week with the household survey of employment. It will show the number of people employed in the Tri-cities, the MSAs, counties and city with more than 25,000 population, the unemployment rate and the number of people in each jurisdiction’s labor force.

Tennessee’s preliminary unemployment rate in May was 6.4%, up a tenth of a point from April.

The May U.S. jobless rate 6.3%.

Tri-Cities labor market improves in April, weakness still evident. 


©Don Fenley

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