Tri-Cities employers add jobs in May

Tri-3 mo avgBy DON FENLEY

Tri-Cities employers added 600 non-farm jobs in May.

Job creation traditionally sees an April – May jobs bump followed by a June and July slump. Job creation usually makes a sharp increase in August then trends higher through November. Most of May’s jobs gains also came in the lower-paying sectors.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, May’s total is  400 more than May last year.

And while the numbers are trending higher, there are 7,000 fewer jobs than they were in May 2008 – the year before the Great Recession hit here.

The jobs total is also 1,000 shy of the 2012 total – the year the region began a labor market double dip after an early, and strong, recovery from the recession.

Kingsport-Bristol saw most of May’s new jobs.  It was the second straight month job creation has been trending higher in that four-county-area.

KB 3 month movingNew jobs in the Johnson City MSA also added to that three-county area’s two month increase.

The Kingsport-Bristol improving trend line is steeper than Johnson City, which was hit harder during the jobs double-dip.

Here’s how the April-May situation looked by sector.

Mining, logging, construction.

The 200 jobs added in Johnson City were balanced by cuts in Kingsport-Bristol.


No change.

Wholesale trade

No change

JC moving avgRetail trade

Johnson City added 100 jobs.

Transportation, utilities

Kingsport-Bristol added 100 jobs.


No change (There was another round of layoffs at the Time-News and Johnson City Press but those numbers won’t show up until a later report)

Financial activities

No change

Professional, business services

No change

Education, health services

No change in Johnson City, Kingsport-Bristol lost 200 positions.

Leisure and hospitality

Johnson City added 200 jobs. Kingsport-Bristol added 400 jobs.

Other services

Johnson City added 100 jobs


Johnson City lost 400 jobs. Kingsport Bristol added 300 jobs.

Due to rounding the sector gains exceed the actual non-farm job gain of 600. The May data for the BLS payroll survey are not seasonally adjusted and preliminary.  Revisions are common. For example, May’s report adjusted the Kingsport-Bristol April non-farm job total down by 400.

The May job heat chart comparing sector year-over-year gains and losses should be available later this week.

The household survey for employment and unemployment rates will also be available later this week.

KB NF jobs gain lost

The totals are in 1000s of jobs as calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

JC NF jobs gain loss

©Don Fenley

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