Kingsport apartments add water, sewer fee to rents, requires renters’ insurance

Here’s someting new for apartment dwellers in Kingsport.

The new owner of four Model City complexes has begun charging a  set-up fee then a monthly pro-rated water and sewer fee based on the size of apartment. Water and sewer have typically been part of the rent.

The management company, Ram Partners LLC, Atlanta, is also requiring renters insurance and has partnered with e-Premium as a preferred provider.

Minus the utilities set-up fee, the change works out to a 3.8% rent increase in the 37660 area –  a little more than double the recession rate.

Knoxville based Lawler Woods  sold Brand Mills, Allendale Falls, The Crossings and Cross Creek to the ValCap Group of California in December.

Ram Partners was invited but declined to discuss the fee increase.

Zillow’s current projection for increases  on all rentals for Kingsport zip codes and the current median rents is:

37660 – 3.9% rate increase –  $892.

37663 – 6.49% –  $1,055

37664 – 6.49% – $962

37665 – 2.5% – $780


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